Wii NTSC-U Complete Virtual...

Wii NTSC-U Complete Virtual Console Collection

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All 427 North American Wii Virtual Console games. Note that these are ONLY the NTSC-U (North
American released) versions of the games.

The vast majority of these came from the NO-INTRO Nintendo Wii DLC Collection that was on BitGamer
and Gazelle Games. They are arranged according to their directory structure and use their naming
convention. I did notice that the collection had a few errors such as repeated files and
mis-categorized games. If you have previously downloaded the NO-INTRO set, you should be able to use
the USA VC files to join this torrent with a high completion percentage, saving you a lot of
downloading. All files have been torrentzipped.

- 94 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) titles
- 74 SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) titles
- 21 N64 (Nintendo 64) titles (plus an alternate version [rev3] of Star Fox 64)
- 16 SMS (Sega Master System) titles
- 75 SMD (Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive) titles
- 63 TG-16 (TurboGrafx-16 / TurboGrafx-CD / PC Engine) titles
- 54 Neo Geo titles
- 9 C64 (Commodore 64) titles
- 21 Arcade titles

Here is the Wikipedia entry on all the games                                                
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SMD/Comix Zone (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.68 MiB
SMD/Columns III - Revenge of Columns (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.62 MiB
SMD/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.36 MiB
SMD/Earthworm Jim 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.81 MiB
SMD/Ecco - The Tides of Time (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.38 MiB
SMD/Columns (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip11.91 MiB
SMD/Dynamite Headdy (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.68 MiB
SMD/Clay Fighter (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.18 MiB
SMD/Beyond Oasis (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.85 MiB
SMD/Altered Beast (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.02 MiB
SMD/Biohazard Battle (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.41 MiB
SMD/Bonanza Bros (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip11.89 MiB
SMD/Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.23 MiB
SMD/Ecco Jr. (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.69 MiB
SMD/Eternal Champions (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.92 MiB
SMD/Golden Axe III (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.61 MiB
SMD/Golden Axe II (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.42 MiB
SMD/Gunstar Heroes (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.34 MiB
SMD/Kid Chameleon (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.76 MiB
SMD/Light Crusader (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.46 MiB
SMD/Landstalker - The Treasures of King Nole (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.45 MiB
SMD/Golden Axe (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip11.97 MiB
SMD/Gley Lancer (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.33 MiB
SMD/Forgotten Worlds (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.18 MiB
SMD/Alien Storm (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.21 MiB
SMD/Gain Ground (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.38 MiB
SMD/Galaxy Force II (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.22 MiB
SMD/Ghouls 'n Ghosts (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.42 MiB
SMD/Ecco the Dolphin (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.34 MiB
SMD/Alien Soldier (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.17 MiB
NES/Super Mario Bros. (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.53 MiB
NES/Super Dodge Ball (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.15 MiB
NES/Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.14 MiB
NES/Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.95 MiB
NES/Tecmo Bowl (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.75 MiB
NES/Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.4 MiB
NES/Super C (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.19 MiB
NES/StarTropics (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.66 MiB
NES/Soccer (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.56 MiB
NES/Sky Kid (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.72 MiB
NES/Solomon's Key (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.67 MiB
NES/Spelunker (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.63 MiB
NES/Star Soldier (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.49 MiB
NES/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.06 MiB
NES/Tennis (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.49 MiB
NES/Zanac (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.22 MiB
NES/Yoshi's Cookie (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.97 MiB
NES/Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.07 MiB
NES/Zoda's Revenge - StarTropics II (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.4 MiB
SMD/Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.17 MiB
NES/Yoshi (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.76 MiB
NES/Xevious (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.61 MiB
NES/Urban Champion (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.54 MiB
NES/Ufouria - The Saga (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.33 MiB
NES/Volleyball (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.94 MiB
NES/Wario's Woods (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.48 MiB
NES/Wrecking Crew (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12 MiB
SMD/M.U.S.H.A. (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.12 MiB
SMD/Mercs - Wolf of the Battlefield (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.63 MiB
SMD/Vectorman (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.93 MiB
SMD/ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.5 MiB
SMD/Virtua Fighter 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.94 MiB
SMD/Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.28 MiB
SMS/Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.92 MiB
SMD/Wonder Boy in Monster World (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.58 MiB
SMD/ToeJam & Earl (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.53 MiB
SMD/Sword of Vermilion (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.35 MiB
SMD/Strider (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.81 MiB
SMD/Streets of Rage 3 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.8 MiB
SMD/Super Fantasy Zone (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.53 MiB
SMD/Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip19.52 MiB
SMD/Super Thunder Blade (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.07 MiB
SMS/Alex Kidd in Miracle World (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.95 MiB
SMS/Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.3 MiB
SMS/Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.7 MiB
SMS/Sonic The Hedgehog (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.78 MiB
SMS/Space Harrier (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.68 MiB
SMS/Wonder Boy (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.25 MiB
SMS/Wonder Boy in Monster Land (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.51 MiB
SMS/Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.55 MiB
SMS/Sonic Chaos (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.72 MiB
SMS/Secret Command (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.09 MiB
SMS/Fantasy Zone (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.81 MiB
SMS/Enduro Racer (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip11.5 MiB
SMS/Fantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.11 MiB
SMS/Phantasy Star (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.65 MiB
SMS/R-Type (USA) (SMS) (Virtual Console).zip12.26 MiB
SMD/Streets of Rage 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.06 MiB
SMD/Streets of Rage (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.49 MiB
SMD/Puyo Puyo 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.43 MiB
SMD/Pulseman (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.34 MiB
SMD/Revenge of Shinobi, The (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.46 MiB
SMD/Ristar (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.15 MiB
SMD/Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.44 MiB
SMD/Rolling Thunder 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.5 MiB
SMD/Powerball (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.57 MiB
SMD/Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.61 MiB
SMD/Monster World IV (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip15.35 MiB
NES/Shadow of the Ninja (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.13 MiB
SMD/Phantasy Star II (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13 MiB
SMD/Phantasy Star III - Generations of Doom (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.19 MiB
SMD/Phantasy Star IV (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip14.63 MiB
SMD/Shanghai II - Dragon's Eye (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.33 MiB
SMD/Shining Force (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.21 MiB
SMD/Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.51 MiB
SMD/Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.87 MiB
SMD/Space Harrier II (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip11.78 MiB
SMD/Splatterhouse 2 (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip11.87 MiB
SMD/Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.38 MiB
SMD/Sonic The Hedgehog (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.05 MiB
SMD/Sonic Spinball (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.45 MiB
SMD/Shining in the Darkness (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.7 MiB
SMD/Shining Force II - Ancient Sealing (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.05 MiB
SMD/Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip12.7 MiB
SMD/Sonic & Knuckles (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip16.09 MiB
SMD/Sonic 3D Blast (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip14.7 MiB
SMD/Mega Turrican (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.42 MiB
SMD/Earthworm Jim (USA) (SMD) (Virtual Console).zip13.51 MiB
NES/Clu Clu Land (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip10.98 MiB
NES/City Connection (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.1 MiB
NES/Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.4 MiB
NES/Crash 'n the Boys - Street Challenge (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.41 MiB
NES/Dig Dug (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.76 MiB
NES/Donkey Kong 3 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.04 MiB
NES/Donkey Kong (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.46 MiB
NES/Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.48 MiB
NES/Castlevania (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.81 MiB
NES/Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.98 MiB
NES/Bases Loaded (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.48 MiB
NES/Baseball (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.59 MiB
NES/Blades of Steel (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.11 MiB
NES/Blaster Master (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.29 MiB
NES/Burger Time (USA) (NES) (VirtualConsole).zip11.05 MiB
NES/Bubble Bobble (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.13 MiB
NES/Donkey Kong Jr. (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.41 MiB
NES/Donkey Kong Jr. Math (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.61 MiB
NES/Ice Hockey (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.63 MiB
NES/Ice Climber (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.46 MiB
NES/Gradius (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.5 MiB
NES/Kid Icarus (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.73 MiB
NES/King's Knight (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.13 MiB
NES/Legend of Kage, The (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.58 MiB
NES/Kirby's Adventure (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.49 MiB
NES/Ghosts 'n Goblins (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.04 MiB
NES/Galaga (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.43 MiB
NES/Double Dribble (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.01 MiB
NES/Double Dragon II - The Revenge (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.27 MiB
NES/Double Dragon (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.1 MiB
NES/Elevator Action (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.44 MiB
NES/Excitebike (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.6 MiB
NES/Final Fantasy (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.96 MiB
NES/Faxanadu (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.34 MiB
NES/Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.57 MiB
NES/Adventures of Lolo (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.05 MiB
N64/Bomberman Hero (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip21.39 MiB
N64/1080 Snowboarding (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip28.68 MiB
C64/Tower Toppler (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip13.84 MiB
N64/Cruis'n USA (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip18.43 MiB
N64/F-Zero X (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip28.61 MiB
N64/Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip40.65 MiB
N64/Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip28.56 MiB
C64/Summer Games II (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip14.99 MiB
C64/Pitstop II (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip14.02 MiB
C64/California Games (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip14.87 MiB
C64/Boulder Dash (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip13.94 MiB
NES/S.C.A.T. (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.15 MiB
C64/Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip13.83 MiB
C64/International Karate (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip13.9 MiB
C64/Last Ninja, The (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip14.42 MiB
C64/Last Ninja 2 - Back with a Vengeance (USA) (C64) (Virtual Console).zip14.27 MiB
N64/Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip44.78 MiB
N64/Mario Golf (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip34.29 MiB
N64/Super Smash Bros. (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip24.78 MiB
N64/Super Mario 64 (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip20.29 MiB
N64/Star Fox 64 (USA) (rev3) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip25.84 MiB
N64/Wave Race 64 (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip21.15 MiB
N64/Yoshi's Story (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip28.59 MiB
NES/Adventure Island (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.03 MiB
NES/A Boy and His Blob - Trouble on Blobolonia (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.1 MiB
N64/Star Fox 64 (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip24.53 MiB
N64/Sin & Punishment (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip44.92 MiB
N64/Mario Tennis (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip36.63 MiB
N64/Mario Party 2 (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip42.68 MiB
N64/Mario Kart 64 (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip24.39 MiB
N64/Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip46.28 MiB
N64/Paper Mario (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip40.27 MiB
N64/Pokemon Snap (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip28.95 MiB
N64/Pokemon Puzzle League (USA) (N64) (Virtual Console).zip42.42 MiB
NES/Legend of Zelda, The (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.84 MiB
NES/Balloon Fight (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.54 MiB
NES/NES Play Action Football (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.2 MiB
NES/NES Open Tournament Golf (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.35 MiB
NES/Milon's Secret Castle (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.87 MiB
NES/Mighty Bomb Jack (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.88 MiB
NES/Ninja Gaiden (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.92 MiB
NES/Ninja Gaiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.73 MiB
NES/Pinball (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.47 MiB
NES/Operation Wolf (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.97 MiB
NES/Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.16 MiB
NES/Ninja Gaiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.99 MiB
NES/Metroid (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.97 MiB
NES/Mega Man 5 (USA) (NES) (Virtual console).zip11.51 MiB
NES/Mach Rider (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.65 MiB
NES/Lunar Pool (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.86 MiB
NES/Lode Runner (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.63 MiB
NES/Life Force (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.09 MiB
NES/Mario Bros. (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.42 MiB
NES/Mega Man (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.24 MiB
NES/Mega Man 4 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.4 MiB
NES/Mega Man 3 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.52 MiB
NES/Mega Man 2 (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.51 MiB
NES/Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.19 MiB
NES/Pac-Man (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.6 MiB
NES/River City Ransom (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip12.1 MiB
NES/Renegade (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.93 MiB
NES/Punch-Out!! (USA) (NES) (Virtual Console).zip11.82 MiB
SNES/Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip17.54 MiB
SNES/Super Turrican (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.15 MiB
SNES/Super Turrican 2 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.42 MiB
SNES/Uncharted Waters - New Horizons (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.06 MiB
SNES/Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.8 MiB
SNES/Darius Twin (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.51 MiB
SNES/Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip21.08 MiB
SNES/Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip16.97 MiB
SNES/Donkey Kong Country (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip16.4 MiB
SNES/DoReMi Fantasy - Milon's DokiDoki Adventure (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip15 MiB
SNES/Vegas Stakes (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.16 MiB
SNES/Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.33 MiB
SNES/Zombies Ate My Neighbors (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip11.9 MiB
SNES/Combatribes, The (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.23 MiB
SNES/Contra III - The Alien Wars (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.28 MiB
SNES/Cybernator (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.05 MiB
SNES/F-Zero (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.46 MiB
SNES/Chrono Trigger (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip15.69 MiB
SNES/Breath of Fire II (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip18.7 MiB
SNES/Aero the Acro-Bat (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.05 MiB
SNES/Aero the Acrobat 2 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.86 MiB
SNES/Axelay (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.26 MiB
SNES/Brawl Brothers (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.5 MiB
SNES/Wild Guns (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.17 MiB
SNES/Final Fantasy II (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.54 MiB
SNES/Space Invaders - The Original Game (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip11.75 MiB
SNES/SimCity (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.17 MiB
SNES/Street Fighter Alpha 2 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip18.39 MiB
SNES/Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip16.34 MiB
SNES/Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip15.24 MiB
SNES/Secret of Mana (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.49 MiB
SNES/Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV - Wall of Fire (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip18.53 MiB
SNES/Pilotwings (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip11.79 MiB
SNES/Prince of Persia (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.55 MiB
SNES/R-Type III - The Third Lightning (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip16.26 MiB
SNES/Rival Turf! (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.05 MiB
SNES/Super Adventure Island (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.03 MiB
SNES/Super Adventure Island II (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.63 MiB
SNES/Super Mario World (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.73 MiB
SNES/Super Metroid (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip17.02 MiB
SNES/Super Punch-Out!! (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.64 MiB
SNES/Super R-Type (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.16 MiB
SNES/Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip16.81 MiB
SNES/Super Mario Kart (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip11.9 MiB
SNES/Super Bonk (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.22 MiB
SNES/Super Castlevania IV (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.31 MiB
SNES/Super E.D.F. - Earth Defense Force (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12 MiB
SNES/Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.03 MiB
SNES/Pac-Attack (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.72 MiB
SNES/Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.43 MiB
SNES/Ghoul Patrol (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.04 MiB
SNES/Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.45 MiB
SNES/Gradius III (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.42 MiB
SNES/Harvest Moon (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.71 MiB
SNES/Ignition Factor, The (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.51 MiB
SNES/Final Fight 3 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.29 MiB
SNES/Final Fight 2 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.23 MiB
SNES/Final Fantasy III (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.96 MiB
SNES/Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.06 MiB
SNES/Final Fight (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip15.19 MiB
SNES/Super Star Wars (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.34 MiB
SNES/Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.27 MiB
SNES/Kirby Super Star (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip15.52 MiB
SNES/Mega Man X2 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.97 MiB
SNES/Metal Marines (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.21 MiB
SNES/Natsume Championship Wrestling (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.75 MiB
SNES/Nobunaga's Ambition (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip11.77 MiB
SNES/Mega Man X (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip12.49 MiB
SNES/Legend of the Mystical Ninja, The (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.25 MiB
SNES/Kirby's Avalanche (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip13.52 MiB
SNES/Kirby's Dream Course (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.24 MiB
SNES/Kirby's Dream Land 3 (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip15.41 MiB
SNES/Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.14 MiB
SNES/ActRaiser (USA) (SNES) (Virtual Console).zip14.53 MiB
TG-16/Bonk's Adventure (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.22 MiB
TG-16/Gate of Thunder (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip36.48 MiB
TG-16/Gradius II - Gofer no Yabou (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip36.99 MiB
TG-16/Galaga '90 (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip11.81 MiB
TG-16/Final Soldier (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.3 MiB
TG-16/Dynastic Hero, The (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip40.24 MiB
TG-16/Fighting Street (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip34.46 MiB
TG-16/Bonk's Revenge (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.46 MiB
TG-16/J.J. & Jeff (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.2 MiB
TG-16/Moto Roader (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.26 MiB
TG-16/Neutopia (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.24 MiB
TG-16/Monster Lair (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip31.76 MiB
TG-16/Military Madness (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.28 MiB
TG-16/Legend of Hero Tonma (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.16 MiB
TG-16/Lords of Thunder (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip35.8 MiB
TG-16/Dungeon Explorer (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.59 MiB
TG-16/Drop Off (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip11.84 MiB
TG-16/Chase H.Q. (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.14 MiB
TG-16/Castlevania - Rondo of Blood (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip42.79 MiB
TG-16/Chew-Man-Fu (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.42 MiB
TG-16/China Warrior (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip11.84 MiB
TG-16/Cratermaze (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.27 MiB
TG-16/Cho Aniki (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip27.7 MiB
TG-16/Break In (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.09 MiB
TG-16/Bravoman (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.44 MiB
TG-16/Dragon Spirit (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.07 MiB
TG-16/Dragon's Curse (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.33 MiB
TG-16/Double Dungeons (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.17 MiB
TG-16/Digital Champ Battle Boxing (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.06 MiB
TG-16/Detana!! TwinBee (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip11.8 MiB
TG-16/Devil's Crush (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.19 MiB
TG-16/Neutopia II (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.45 MiB
TG-16/New Adventure Island (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.41 MiB
TG-16/World Sports Competition (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip13.16 MiB
TG-16/Ys - Book I & II (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip43.49 MiB
TG-16/World Class Baseball (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.05 MiB
TG-16/Vigilante (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.1 MiB
TG-16/Super Star Soldier (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.48 MiB
TG-16/Victory Run (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.1 MiB
TG-16/Dead Moon (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.35 MiB
TG-16/Bonk 3 - Bonk's Big Adventure (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.55 MiB
TG-16/Battle Lode Runner (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.4 MiB
TG-16/Alien Crush (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.44 MiB
TG-16/Blazing Lazers (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.21 MiB
TG-16/Bloody Wolf (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.19 MiB
TG-16/Bomberman '94 (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.61 MiB
TG-16/Bomberman '93 (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.69 MiB
TG-16/Air Zonk (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.27 MiB
TG-16/Super Air Zonk - Rockabilly-Paradise (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip30.96 MiB
TG-16/R-Type (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.36 MiB
TG-16/Riot Zone (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip29.76 MiB
TG-16/Psychosis (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip11.86 MiB
TG-16/Power Golf (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.13 MiB
TG-16/Ninja Spirit (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.28 MiB
TG-16/Ordyne (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.36 MiB
TG-16/Samurai Ghost (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.44 MiB
TG-16/Shockman (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.31 MiB
TG-16/Splatterhouse (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.17 MiB
TG-16/Star Parodier (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip35.81 MiB
TG-16/Soldier Blade (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.44 MiB
TG-16/SimEarth - The Living Planet (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip24.08 MiB
TG-16/Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip13.37 MiB
TG-16/Silent Debuggers (USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console).zip12.31 MiB
Arcade/Altered Beast (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip15.08 MiB
Arcade/Wonder Boy in Monster Land (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip15.2 MiB
NeoGeo/Magician Lord (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip17.87 MiB
NeoGeo/Metal Slug (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip39.38 MiB
NeoGeo/Metal Slug 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip29.63 MiB
NeoGeo/Magical Drop III (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip21.68 MiB
NeoGeo/Magical Drop II (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip16.76 MiB
NeoGeo/King of Fighters '99, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip47.97 MiB
NeoGeo/King of the Monsters (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip20.2 MiB
NeoGeo/Last Blade, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip38.82 MiB
NeoGeo/Metal Slug 3 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip47.69 MiB
NeoGeo/Metal Slug 4 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip42.63 MiB
NeoGeo/Ninja Commando (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip20.07 MiB
NeoGeo/Ninja Master's (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip30.72 MiB
NeoGeo/Real Bout Fatal Fury (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip36.41 MiB
NeoGeo/Ninja Combat (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip18.63 MiB
NeoGeo/Neo Turf Masters (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip31.29 MiB
NeoGeo/Metal Slug X (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip40.34 MiB
NeoGeo/NAM-1975 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip16.26 MiB
NeoGeo/King of Fighters '98, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip48.27 MiB
NeoGeo/King of Fighters '97, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip41.6 MiB
NeoGeo/Baseball Stars 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip19.96 MiB
NeoGeo/Blue's Journey (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip18.92 MiB
NeoGeo/Burning Fight (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip20.13 MiB
NeoGeo/Art of Fighting 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip35.22 MiB
NeoGeo/Art of Fighting (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip26.07 MiB
NeoGeo/2020 Super Baseball (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip16.75 MiB
NeoGeo/Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path of the Warrior (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip29.62 MiB
NeoGeo/Fatal Fury (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip19.65 MiB
NeoGeo/Fatal Fury 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip26.42 MiB
NeoGeo/King of Fighters '94, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip37.3 MiB
NeoGeo/King of Fighters '95, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip28.87 MiB
NeoGeo/King of Fighters '96, The (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip36.63 MiB
NeoGeo/Ironclad (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip35.94 MiB
NeoGeo/Fighter's History Dynamite (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip20.56 MiB
NeoGeo/Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip32.75 MiB
NeoGeo/Fatal Fury Special (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip33.15 MiB
NeoGeo/Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - The Newcomers (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip41.24 MiB
NeoGeo/Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip37.37 MiB
Arcade/Star Force (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip11.49 MiB
Arcade/Space Harrier (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip14.72 MiB
Arcade/SonSon (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip17.1 MiB
Arcade/Super Hang-On (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip16.94 MiB
Arcade/Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip12.09 MiB
Arcade/Zaxxon (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip14.18 MiB
Arcade/Wolf of the Battlefield - Commando (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip19.27 MiB
Arcade/Tower of Druaga, The (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip14.16 MiB
Arcade/Solomon's Key (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip16.42 MiB
Arcade/Shinobi (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip14.39 MiB
Arcade/Ghosts 'n Goblins (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip18.53 MiB
Arcade/Gaplus (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip14.31 MiB
Arcade/Exed Exes (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip17.17 MiB
Arcade/Golden Axe (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip15.66 MiB
Arcade/Mappy (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip13.98 MiB
Arcade/Rygar (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip16.36 MiB
Arcade/Ninja Gaiden (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip13.34 MiB
Arcade/1942 (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip18.3 MiB
NeoGeo/World Heroes Perfect (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip28.15 MiB
NeoGeo/Sengoku (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip16.68 MiB
NeoGeo/Sengoku 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip18.46 MiB
NeoGeo/Sengoku 3 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip33.47 MiB
NeoGeo/Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa's Revenge (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip35.28 MiB
NeoGeo/Samurai Shodown III (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip29.94 MiB
NeoGeo/Samurai Shodown (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip27.71 MiB
NeoGeo/Samurai Shodown II (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip38.43 MiB
NeoGeo/Shock Troopers (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip32.17 MiB
NeoGeo/Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip39.94 MiB
NeoGeo/World Heroes (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip22.9 MiB
NeoGeo/World Heroes 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip22.32 MiB
NeoGeo/World Heroes 2 Jet (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip24.1 MiB
NeoGeo/Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip26.57 MiB
NeoGeo/The Last Blade 2 (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip44.46 MiB
NeoGeo/Spinmaster (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip17.32 MiB
NeoGeo/Street Slam (USA) (NG) (Virtual Console).zip17.73 MiB
Arcade/Black Tiger (USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console).zip18.84 MiB