WAD Collection (The Ultimat...

WAD Collection (The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Heretic,

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WAD Collection

doom.wad from The Ultimate Doom 1.9ud, SHA-1 9b07b02ab3c275a6a7570c3f73cc20d63a0e3833
doom2.wad from Doom II 1.9, SHA-1 7ec7652fcfce8ddc6e801839291f0e28ef1d5ae7
tnt.wad from Final Doom - TNT: Evilution 1.9+, SHA-1 4a65c8b960225505187c36040b41a40b152f8f3e
plutonia.wad from Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment 1.9+, SHA-1
heretic.wad from Heretic 1.3, SHA-1 f489d479371df32f6d280a0cb23b59a35ba2b833
hexen.wad from Hexen 1.1, SHA-1 4b53832f0733c1e29e5f1de2428e5475e891af29
hexdd.wad from Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel 1.1, SHA-1
strife1.wad from Strife 1.31, SHA-1 64c13b951a845ca7f8081f68138a6181557458d1
voices.wad from Strife 1.31, SHA-1 ec6883100d807b894a98f426d024d22c77b63e7f

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