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The life of an Entrepreneur can be very hard at the beginning of the |
| journey, especially if you don t have a budget for large promotions to |
| get your brand out there and start selling. That's why I'm here to help! |
| |
| I started my journey with Social Media working at digital campaigns for |
| large brands in the movie industry. After that, I helped lots of |
| entrepreneurs and start-up businesses establish an online presence and |
| increase their sales. These two completely different experiences taught me |
| how to use Social Media to turn any product into a BLOCKBUSTER. And |
| that s what I m going to teach YOU with this course. |
| |
| At each lecture you will be one step closer to success; I will teach you |
| how to complete your Social Media Strategy for your brand and will provide |
| you with 3 fundamental, ready to use FREE templates: the templates for |
| your editorial plan, your editorial calendar and your analytics report. |
| You won't find these materials ANYWHERE ELSE! |
| |
| We re also going to discuss an amazing case study. Not the boring, |
| Academic examples about Apple, LEGO or Samsung, we ll see how one |
| specific movie became superhero in Social Media and what entrepreneurs |
| like you can learn from it so YOU can become a SUPERHERO in your industry |
| too! |
| |
| All the students who complete my course will also have access to other |
| resources for an incredibly special price, such as consultations or |
| assignment review. |
| |
| Now, hit that purchase button, I ll see you on the other side! |
| |
| _____________________ |
| |
| Promo video illustrations by Freepik, promo video music "Italian Afternoon" |
| by Twin Musicom |                                                
01_-_Introduction/01_-_Course_Overview_Activity_Inside_.mp415.62 MiB
02_-_Marketing_-_The_Fundamentals/02_-_Traditional_Marketing_vs._Web_Marketing.mp424.45 MiB
02_-_Marketing_-_The_Fundamentals/03_-_Objectives_Target_and_Segmentation.mp421.6 MiB
02_-_Marketing_-_The_Fundamentals/05_-_Positioning_And_Competitive_Strategy_Activity_Inside_.mp416.12 MiB
02_-_Marketing_-_The_Fundamentals/04_-_Market_Analysis.mp415.02 MiB
03_-_Introduction_to_Social_Media/06_-_Social_Media_Sites_as_Opportunities.mp418.67 MiB
03_-_Introduction_to_Social_Media/09_-_Plan_your_Social_Media_Strategy_Bonus_Templates_Inside_.mp418.25 MiB
03_-_Introduction_to_Social_Media/07_-_Social_Media_Site_as_Threats_Activity_Inside_.mp417.71 MiB
03_-_Introduction_to_Social_Media/08_-_Choose_your_Social_Media_Channels.mp417.26 MiB
04_-_Facebook/10_-_The_Basics_of_Facebook.mp429.23 MiB
04_-_Facebook/11_-_Understand_Facebook_s_Edge_Rank_Activity_Inside_.mp419.89 MiB
04_-_Facebook/12_-_Master_Facebook_s_Insights_Panel.mp418.58 MiB
04_-_Facebook/13_-_Create_a_Facebook_Ad.mp417.18 MiB
04_-_Facebook/14_-_Use_Facebook_Groups_for_Lead_Generation_Activity_Inside_.mp414.12 MiB
05_-_Twitter/17_-_Build_your_Twitter_Audience_Activity_Inside_.mp418.57 MiB
05_-_Twitter/15_-_The_Basics_of_Twitter.mp417.79 MiB
05_-_Twitter/19_-_Introduction_to_Twitter_Ads.mp414.69 MiB
05_-_Twitter/16_-_Find_potential_Customers_on_Twitter.mp49.87 MiB
05_-_Twitter/18_-_Optimize_your_Efforts_with_Tweetdeck.mp47.26 MiB
06_-_Instagram/22_-_Build_your_Instagram_Audience.mp419.98 MiB
06_-_Instagram/21_-_Find_potential_Customers_on_Instagram_Activity_Inside_.mp417.86 MiB
06_-_Instagram/20_-_The_Basics_of_Instagram_Activity_Inside_.mp412.84 MiB
06_-_Instagram/23_-_Monetize_your_Instagram_Activity.mp410.42 MiB
07_-_Niche_Social_Media_Sites/24_-_Generate_new_Leads_on_Niche_Social_Media_Sites_Activity_Inside_.mp421.55 MiB
08_-_Create_a_Community/27_-_Engage_your_Audience.mp436.02 MiB
08_-_Create_a_Community/25_-_The_Basics_of_Community_Management.mp434.41 MiB
08_-_Create_a_Community/28_-_Moderate_Activity_Inside_.mp426.85 MiB
08_-_Create_a_Community/26_-_Empower_your_Audience.mp418.96 MiB
09_-_Blogging/32_-_Monetize_your_Blogging_Activity_Activity_Inside_.mp425.89 MiB
09_-_Blogging/29_-_The_fundamentals_of_Blogging.mp424.6 MiB
09_-_Blogging/31_-_Build_your_E-mail_List.mp422.36 MiB
09_-_Blogging/30_-_Create_Content_with_a_Purpose.mp419.65 MiB
10_-_Measure_Evaluate_and_Optimize_your_Efforts/33_-_Useful_tools.mp412.73 MiB
10_-_Measure_Evaluate_and_Optimize_your_Efforts/34_-_Create_an_Analytics_Report_Activity_Plus_Bonus_Template_Inside_.mp45.91 MiB
11_-_Case_Study_and_Final_Assignment/35_-_Case_Study_-_The_Dark_Knight_Rises.mp430.84 MiB