Spotify Music Premium v8.4....

Spotify Music Premium v8.4.7.1108 Final Stable MOD APK

  • Típus: Applications > Android
  • Méret: 72.38 MB 
  • Seed: 6
  • Leech: 0


Unlocked Spotify Connect:
Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
Visual ads blocked
Audio ads blocked
Seeking enabled
Unlimited shuffle
Choose any song
Extreme audio unlocked
Repeats enabled
Info : Here’s a properly modded version – which has spotify connect/tablet mod patched properly.
Due to this being protected with modguard, some android users might find it’s not compatible with
certain android versions. This is to stop other people copying the mods such as what happened with
the video ads/audio ads from this release and the beta before it…….enjoy!


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