Song of the South - Restore...

Song of the South - Restored and Cleaned Up BBC HD Broadcast

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In Easter of 2006, the BBC broadcasted this HD version of Song of the South, which was ripped and
distributed. However, the straight BBC rip had a couple of problems. The first was the fact that it
was a NTSC->PAL conversion which had been done incorrectly, resulting in blended/junk frames.
Another problem was the PAL speed. Finally, the color was off, which frequently happens during the
NTSC->PAL process.

I took this rip and distributed it to a couple of AV techs, who helped by removing the junk frames,
correcting the color, and formatting it to a ready-to-burn NTSC DVD. I figured I would post it here
so that anyone who wants it can have it. :)                                                
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