Sapiens: A Brief History of...

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Harari

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008 There is No Justice in History.mp313.43 MiB
003 A Day in the Life of Adam and Eve.mp311.81 MiB
024 And They Lived Happily Ever After.mp311.56 MiB
006 Building Pyramids.mp311.29 MiB
002 The Tree of Knowledge.mp310.5 MiB
005 The Agricultural Revolution.mp39.95 MiB
011 Imperial Visions.mp39.92 MiB
025 The End of Homo Sapiens.mp39.58 MiB
023 All this changed dramatically over the last two.mp39.06 MiB
001 Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind.mp38.69 MiB
021 The Wheels of Industry.mp38.07 MiB
015 The Scientific Revolution.mp38.06 MiB
010 The Scent of Money.mp37.95 MiB
020 Both loans are to be.mp37.87 MiB
017 The Marriage of Science and Empire.mp37.8 MiB
018 Many scholars argue.mp37.69 MiB
013 Dualistic religions.mp37.48 MiB
016 While the Germans.mp37.47 MiB
019 The Capitalist Creed.mp37.4 MiB
012 The Law of Religion.mp37.08 MiB
004 The Flood.mp36.64 MiB
007 Memory Overload.mp36.1 MiB
009 The Unification of Humankind.mp35.19 MiB
022 A Permanent Revolution.mp34.58 MiB
014 The Secret of Success.mp34.37 MiB
026 Afterword The Animal that Became a God.mp3710.94 KiB