Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii...

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii [Dir Cut DVDRip XviD 1972] ~ Smiley.a

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This is a concert with documentary inserts between songs set next to the Pompeii volcano. This is
one if not the best musical performance by the Floyd. The set up and background provides an
eerie/mysterious feel to it that is amplified by intense tracks such as "Careful with that Axe
Eugene." Panned views of the volcano and computer generated graphics add to the effects. It unlike
any other concert they have played in being that the only fans were those involved in the setup and
movie creation. Songs like "One of These Days" provide an up-tempo song that highlights the
drummer's capabilities. While the classic "Us and Them" shows their more mellow jazz oriented style.
Extremely well produced a must see for any true Floyd fan.

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