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Passion (DVD) - Stormy Daniels (English + Swedish/Danish/Finnish

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AKA: `Not A Romance`

all 6 screens (+ 2 x DVD-cover):

"On the outside her life looks nearly perfect, but this trophy wife wants out of her glass cage. Sex
on the side is liberating and she can't get enough. But how long can they continue in their affair
without it turning into something more?"

NÄR SEX BARA HANDLAR OM SEX... "Det här är en superb film för par och fans av ´het
men inte för snaskig´ äkta porrfilm! Ännu en fullträff av regissören Jonathan
Morgan och aktören Brad Armstrong!" - Adult Video News

Ulkoisesti tämän naisen elämä on täydellistä. Mutta tämä kotirouva haluaa
päästä irti kahleistaan. Hän ei halua tunteita, hän haluaa vain seksiä. Mutta
kuinka kauan tunteet ovat poissa pelistä.... Kesto 86 minuuttia + 40 minuuttia bonuksia.


    * Aria                          [NonSex]
    * Bridgette Kerkove             [Anal Facial Bald]
    * Jassie                        [LezOnly]
    * Nicole Sheridan               [Facial]
    * Stormy Daniels (as Stormy)    [Facial]

Scene Breakdowns

    * Scene 1. Jassie, Stormy Daniels
    * Scene 2. Stormy Daniels, Trevor Zen
    * Scene 3. Bridgette Kerkove, Trevor Zen
    * Scene 4. Brad Armstrong, Stormy Daniels
    * Scene 5. Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo
    * Scene 6. Bridgette Kerkove, Scott Styles

Studio:          Wicked
Director:        Jonathan Morgan
Released:        2002
Duration:        86 minutes + 40 minutes bonus
Language:        English
Subs:            Svenska + Suomi + Dansk


Wicked Pictures is one of the few adult movie producing companies that can make successful comedies
and dramas, with decent acting to support the sex scenes. This is in contrast to the multitude of
companies that either make decent gonzo, decent features, or try to imitate someone else's material.
Jonathan Morgan, contract director extraordinaire, turns his eye to a little story about an affair.
The twist on the movie this time is that the story is told in reverse order-from the breakup to the
steamy sex, to the courtship, to the beginnings of the extramarital affair. The story was solid
enough to enjoy but the real point of an adult movie is the sex. After all, if you wanted excellent
acting, you'd buy the latest choice of the professional critics right? In any case, there were 6 sex
scenes here with something for most people to enjoy, even if the movie is clearly directed at
couples. Fans of Stormy will note that she was in half of them and her acting skills have improved
since earlier releases. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Stormy, the blonde bombshell contract star, and a lean gal I haven't seen much of,
Jassie, had a scene outdoors on a car. I always like watching Stormy, with men, women, or even by
herself, but I just didn't get into the action here. Lesbian scenes are similar to all others in the
sense that when there's no chemistry, it's not much fun to watch. I was relieved to hear Stormy, in
the audio commentary, agree with my assessment. Jassie's pale white skin and girlish body just
didn't work for me.

Scene Two: Stormy, in a much better position to have fun this time, took care of Trevor by giving
him a wonderful blowjob. Normally, I'm not into this type of scene since it just seems so limited
but she did prove to me that it all depends on who's doing it. Warm!

Scene Three: Bridgette, one of the most well known anal queens in the jizz bizz, showed Trevor a
full scene here. After starting him off by deepthroating him, she bounced on his lap while he boned
her. The scene progressed to anal although the straight sex was more energetic. As I recall, this
was her first scene back after she took a break from the business. Definitely one of her better
scenes of late.

Scene Four: Stormy, looking really good, had sex with Brad, her then real life boyfriend, in a scene
with lots of energy and chemistry. Oral and straight with a condom but it's easy to see the two
liked each other with her getting off at least once.

Scene Five: Nicole, one of the most attractive gals in the business that does anal, and her real
life boyfriend, Voodoo, had a scene. Those familiar with these two will know that they consistently
have the best scenes, filled with chemistry and energy, of any couple in the business. While they
didn't do anal here, there's a reason why I never get bored watching them go at it (i.e.: they're
great at what they do and when together...whew!).

Scene Six: Bridgette, given yet another chance to shine here, and Scott, had a scene on a couch.
Lots of energy and some anal for raincoaters. Stormy suggested this as the best scene of the movie
but I still preferred the previous two scenes. I see why she has a following, given her ability
combined with looks and attitude.

Summary: I liked this one although I would've liked it more if there had been a scene with Aria.
Otherwise, the cast was full of seasoned porn vets having a good time, and there were lots of extras
to enjoy. I also think it would've been better if the story had been a bit more conventionally
played out but overall it was worth a rating of Recommended or better to fans of Wicked Pictures
past efforts.

Compression : MPEG-2
System : PAL 625/50
Aspect Ratio : 4:3
Display Mode : not specified
Video Resolution : 720x576
Letterboxed : no

2 channels AC3 0xBD 0x80
Bitrate:  4353 Kbps


Chapter 01 = 00:00:00:00
Chapter 02 = 00:01:01:36
Chapter 03 = 00:04:25:72
Chapter 04 = 00:05:41:12
Chapter 05 = 00:14:22:68
Chapter 06 = 00:19:30:00
Chapter 07 = 00:20:23:56
Chapter 08 = 00:26:14:04
Chapter 09 = 00:37:46:68
Chapter 10 = 00:40:01:88
Chapter 11 = 00:48:43:44
Chapter 12 = 00:50:29:52
Chapter 13 = 00:52:14:56
Chapter 14 = 00:53:59:60
Chapter 15 = 01:00:25:96
Chapter 16 = 01:01:14:84
Chapter 17 = 01:02:30:76

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