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John Powell
How To Train Your Dragon
The Hidden World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Los Angeles-based English composer John Powell crafts scores for major motion pictures, with a focus
on animated films and sci-fi/action movies. Following his first major score for Face/Off, he went on
to compose for the Jason Bourne and the Ice Age series. In addition to multiple Saturn, BAFTA, and
Annie Award nominations, Powell also received a Grammy nomination in 2008 for his score for the
animated penguin flick Happy Feet, and an Oscar nomination in 2011 for his score for How to Train
Your Dragon.



01.Raiders Return to Busy, Busy Berk
02.Dinner Talk/Grimmel's Introduction
03.Legend Has It/Cliffside Playtime
05.Worst Pep Talk Ever
06.Night Fury Killer
08.Third Date
09.New 'New Tail'
10.Furies In Love
11.Killer Dragons
12.With Love Comes A Great Waterfall
13.The Hidden World
14.Armada Battle
15.As Long As He's Safe
16.Once There Were Dragons
17.Together From Afar (How to Train Your Dragon/The Hidden World)
18.The Hidden World Suite (Bonus Track)

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01 - Raiders Return to Busy, Busy Berk.flac29.28 MiB
02 - Dinner Talk _ Grimmel's Introduction.flac18.44 MiB
03 - Legend Has It _ Cliffside Playtime.flac17.75 MiB
04 - Toothless_ Smitten..flac14.26 MiB
05 - Worst Pep Talk Ever.flac10.89 MiB
06 - Night Fury Killer.flac17.6 MiB
07 - Exodus!.flac25.43 MiB
08 - Third Date.flac33.82 MiB
09 - New 'New Tail'.flac7.21 MiB
10 - Furies in Love.flac17.27 MiB
11 - Killer Dragons.flac26.67 MiB
12 - With Love Comes a Great Waterfall.flac9.94 MiB
13 - The Hidden World.flac28.38 MiB
14 - Armada Battle.flac53.44 MiB
15 - As Long as He's Safe.flac33.24 MiB
16 - Once There Were Dragons.flac30.74 MiB
17 - Together from Afar (How to Train Your Dragon_ The Hidden World).flac23.01 MiB
18 - The Hidden World Suite [Bonus Track].flac37.12 MiB
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