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Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Gold Edition [RUS|1C] TRiViUM

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Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Gold Edition [RUS][1C] 2010 TRiViUM

                   Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword GOLD (c) 1C
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                      RELEASE DATE ................ : 07/2010
                      RELEASE SiZE .................. : 1 rar
                      PROTECTiON ...... : StarForce 5.70 + OA

                                   RELEASE NOTES

              True fighting horse, pair of pistols behind a belt,
              matchlock carbine and a rusty sword - that's all
              your property. You the simple mercenary who searches
              riches and good luck on fields of battles of Europe.
              You are young, strong and scared away - can be, you
              should collect group of Cossacks and to go to plunder
              merchant caravans? Or to register in the Swedish army
              and to grow to a marshal's baton? Though what for the
              staff, is better at once the Monomakh's Cap - you will
              manage not to repeat errors of Lzhedmitri's.

              On broad lands from Volga to Vistula the new empire
              is created. Where there will be its capital, in Moscow
              or Warsaw, in Kiev or Stockholm is you will solve.
              Dark blue uniforms of lejb-guards, bright caftans
              Streltsov, steel armours winged the hussar - brilliant
              and bloody battles of a XVII-th century wait for you.


              - Original story with several endings
              - Detailed card of the Eastern Europe: from Volga
                to Vistula
              - Unique armies and the weapon of an epoch of a
                XVII-th century
              - The advanced model of storm of castles

                                   iNSTALL NOTES

                    - Unpack
                    - Install the game
                    - Update the game to version 1.017 (optional)
                    - Use our keygen to activate game in offline mode
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                                    GROUP NOTES

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