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The Infinity Sagas (Complete)

 * The Thanos Quest (1990)
 * The Infinity Guantlet (1991)
 * The Infinity War (1992)
 * The Infinity Crusade (1993)
 * Infinity Abyss (2002)
 * Marvel: The End (2003)

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1.  The Thanos Quest

The Thanos Quest is a two-issue comic book limited series in the Marvel universe,
written by Jim Starlin. In it, Thanos schemes to steal the Infinity Gems from the
Elders of the Universe and other cosmic entities in order to be able to carry out
Death's command that half the population in the universe is to be killed.  The Thanos
Quest is continued in The Infinity Gauntlet limited series.

2.  The Infinity Guantlet

The Infinity Gauntlet is among the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe. The
Gauntlet consists of the six Infinity Gems mounted on a gold glove. Each Infinity Gem
grants its bearer complete mastery over one aspect of the Universe:

    * Time
    * Space
    * Power
    * Soul
    * Mind
    * Reality

With possession of all six Infinity Gems, the bearer would have complete omnipotence
over the Universe, though not necessarily the omniscience required to effectively wield
that power. Later comics added the existence of a seventh gem called the Ego Gem. Only
one being, the omnipotent Living Tribunal, have ever been shown as more than a match
for the Gauntlet's power having twice stopped the gems from working in unison and even
reversing an action that Adam Warlock performed as "God." However, Adam Warlock once
speculated that if Eternity had ever managed to gain the Infinity Gauntlet, then "...his
attitude towards the Living Tribunal might change."

3.  The Infinity War

Infinity War was a comic book crossover that ran through numerous comics published
by Marvel Comics in 1992. The main plot of the series occurred in the six-issue Infinity
War miniseries, which was written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by Ron Lim. Infinity War
was a sequel to the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries, and was followed a year later by the
Infinity Crusade crossover miniseries.

The primary villain of the crossover was the Magus, who was created when Adam Warlock
expelled good and evil from his soul after attaining omnipotence in the conclusion of
the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries. The evil portion of his soul became the Magus, while
the good portion of his soul became the Goddess, who is eventually seen at the end of
Infinity War and is the main villain of Infinity Crusade. To battle the Magus and his
army of evil doppelgangers, Adam Warlock and Earth's heroes teamed up with Thanos, the
villain of the Infinity Gauntlet.

4.  The Infinity Crusade

The Infinity Crusade was a fictional conflict over cosmic cubes in the Marvel Comics Universe.
It was depicted in a 1993 six-issue limited series written by Jim Starlin, although major
events also took place in the two books featuring Adam Warlock that Marvel was publishing
at the time. The primary antagonist is the Goddess. It wraps up a loose end from the events
of Infinity War, and was Jim Starlin's last work on Thanos until Infinity Abyss.

5.  Infinity Abyss

Infinity Abyss (collected as Thanos: Infinity Abyss) is a six issue 2002 comic book
miniseries written and drawn by Jim Starlin and published by Marvel Comics.  It involvs six
Thanos clones, hybridised with other prominent Marvel Universe figures including Doctor Strange,
Professor X and Galactus acting on their template's nihilistic desire to end the universe,
while they were opposed by a group including Adam Warlock, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and
Thanos himself.  A sequel was produced that continued the focus on Thanos, in
Marvel Universe: The End.

6.  Marvel: The End

Marvel: The End is a 6-issue comic-book series published in 2003 by Marvel Comics, written
and penciled by Jim Starlin and inked by Al Milgrom. It is a Thanos storyline featuring the
death (and eventual resurrection) of nearly all of Marvel Comics superheroes. It is a part
of the "The End" set of limited series that show the last few days of many Marvel characters,
but unlike the others, has a connection to regular chronology. It is the last part of the
Infinity Saga and it takes place on Earth-4321.

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