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SHAMANS OF THE AMAZON, is a personal account of filmmaker, Dean Jefferys, returning to the Amazon
with his partner and one year old daughter.
They journey deep into the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest to meet two Amazon shamans to learn
about and experience the ancient hallucinogenic ayahuasca ritual.
The film brings to the viewer an intimate and fascinating look at the shamans of the Amazon, their
culture and their rituals that are fast disappearing.
The ayahuasca ritual is thousands of years old.
It is said ayahuasca allows the shaman to enter other dimensions where complicated healings,
shamanic battles, clairvoyance, initiations, ancestral knowledge exchange and communications with
the plant, animal and spirit world is possible.
The ayahuasca ritual involves the drinking of a combination of two hallucinogenic plants in the
presence of a trained shaman.
Using the first person narrative the video follows Dean and his family's journey, to meet with these
Amazon shamans and explore this mysterious psychedelic world.
The journey takes Dean around the globe to meet with people from several western countries who have
developed their own unique style of the ayahuasca rituals.

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