Cylum's NES ROM Set (2014)

Cylum's NES ROM Set (2014)

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This torrent contains the following folders/files:

- [Australia] 2 files: Games exclusive to Australia.

- [Europe] 29 files: Games exclusive to Europe.

- [Japan] 23 files: Some of the better Japan only games. Does not include games that are in the
'Translations' folder.

- [Nintendo Vs. System] 30 files: Games released for the Nintendo Vs. System arcade machine.

- [Prototypes] 50 files: Prototypes/Betas for unreleased games from all regions.

- [ROM Hacks] 20 files: Some of the better ROM hacks available.

- [Translations] 239 files: English translations for Europe/Japan only games.

- [Unlicensed] 176 files: Unlicensed games that were released on cartridges.

- Game Titles - #-Z (678 files): Complete USA ROM set.

- fceux-2.2.2-win32: Emulator
- disksys.rom: BIOS file for FDS support. Place in emulator's root folder.

All of the titles were renamed to their official title name that's on the box art. Removed all fo
the GoodTools/NoIntro, etc. tags (can be easily restored using a rom mananger and specific data
files). All roms have been tested to make sure they're working/clean dumps. All the games are
archived in their own individual zip folders.

This is an update to my previously uploaded "Complete NES Rom Set (NA/EU) + More" torrent.                                                
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