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The Everdrive Packs (by smokemonster)
This pack focuses on sorting and being ready to use (with flashcards, but obviously works with
emulators). It includes only 1 version of every game, the US version being preferred, with the
addition of exclusives from other regions. However it also includes zipped region add-on packs that
add back all roms of that region. This pack in addition to the official roms also includes notable
romhacks, translations and homebrew in their own folders. More info about the pack:

This is a full collection as of 9-5-2018, inclusive of GB, GBC, GBA, N64, NES, SNES, and others not
necessarily limited to Nintendo                                                
Analogue NT Mini Jailbreak/NT Mini Jailbreak v2.0.7z53.24 MiB
Atari 2600/Atari 2600 Pack v1.2.7z17.98 MiB
Atari 5200/Atari 5200 Atarimax Pack v1.0.7z1.79 MiB
Atari 7800/Atari 7800 Pack v1.0.7z2.48 MiB
Atari Lynx/Atari Lynx Pack v1.2.7z33.57 MiB
ColecoVision Atarimax/Colecovision Pack v1.2.7z3.29 MiB
Darksoft CPS-2/CPS2 Roll-Up Base Pack 2018-04-26.7z731.72 MiB
Darksoft CPS-2/CPS2 Roll-Up FULL MAME Add-On Pack 2017-11-19.7z2.86 GiB
Darksoft CPS-2/old/Free Play Patch Set by DogP 2017-4-11.7z21.37 MiB
Darksoft CPS-2/old/OldCPS2Add-OnPack.7z964.68 MiB
Darksoft CPS-2/old/OldCPS2BasePack.7z543.58 MiB
Darksoft Neo Geo/Darksoft Neo Geo Add-On Pack.7z1.59 GiB
Darksoft Neo Geo/Darksoft Neo Geo Base Pack 2018-04-02.7z1.43 GiB
Darksoft STV/STV Roll-Up Pack 2017-6-5.7z542.8 MiB
Darksoft Taito F3/F3 Pure MAME Roll-Up 2018-02-04.7z204.3 MiB
Darksoft Taito F3/F3 Roll-Up 2017-11-01.7z188.93 MiB
EverDrive 64/Add-On Packs/EverDrive 64 Europe Add-On 2017-05-28.7z2.73 GiB
EverDrive 64/Add-On Packs/EverDrive 64 Japan Add-On 2018-01-03.7z2.03 GiB
EverDrive 64/EverDrive 64 Pack v6.2.7z6.85 GiB
EverDrive GB/EverDrive GB Pack v2.1.7z1.9 GiB
EverDrive GBA/Add-On Packs/EverDrive GBA Europe Add-On 2017-04-08.7z1.97 GiB
EverDrive GBA/Add-On Packs/EverDrive GBA Japan Add-On 2017-04-08.7z2.66 GiB
EverDrive GBA/Add-On Packs/GBA Video Add-On 2018-01-11.7z1.33 GiB
EverDrive GBA/EverDrive GBA Pack v2.1.7z3.97 GiB
EverDrive GG/EverDrive-GG Pack v1.8.7z383.88 MiB
EverDrive N8/EverDrive-N8 & PowerPak Pack v6.1.7z733.49 MiB
EverDrive N8/EverDrive-N8 - PowerPak FDS and NSF Add-On 2018-01-15.7z36.16 MiB
Master EverDrive/Master EverDrive Pack v2.4.7z235.75 MiB
Mega EverDrive/Add-On Packs/Mega EverDrive Europe Add-On 2017-10-31.7z321.86 MiB
Mega EverDrive/Add-On Packs/SRAM & TMSS Patched for EverDrive-X3 Add-On 2017-08-18.7z11.18 MiB
Mega EverDrive/Add-On Packs/Unpatched EEPROM-Save Games for X7 Add-On 2018-01-15.7z20.62 MiB
Mega EverDrive/Mega EverDrive Pack v6.2.7z1.67 GiB
NGPC RetroHQ/Neo Geo Pocket SD RetroHQ Pack v1.1.7z129.12 MiB
Super EverDrive & SD2SNES/Add-On Packs/SD2SNES SPC Music Players Add-on 2017-04-01.7z96.95 MiB
Super EverDrive & SD2SNES/Add-On Packs/Super EverDrive & SD2SNES Europe Add-On 2018-08-25.7z377.7 MiB
Super EverDrive & SD2SNES/Add-On Packs/Super EverDrive & SD2SNES Japan Add-On 2018-08-25.7z1009.97 MiB
Super EverDrive & SD2SNES/Super EverDrive, SD2SNES, Super NT Pack v6.2.7z2.8 GiB
Turbo EverDrive/Add-On Packs/Turbo EverDrive SuperGrafx Add-On Pack 2017-09-26.7z3.13 MiB
Turbo EverDrive/Turbo Everdrive Pack v4.2.7z222.08 MiB
Vectrex/Vectrex Pack v1.1.7z491.4 KiB
Virtual Boy/Virtual Boy FlashBoy+ Pack v2.1.7z72.79 MiB