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Bree Olson - The Five (DVD) - anal, Shyla Stylez,Sasha Grey,Jenn

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The Five - DVD

Bree Olson, Shyla Stylez, Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas & Sasha Grey !

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Between them theyve won 15 AVN awards and now Bree Olson, Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas and
Shyla Stylez are starring in their very first adult sex movie together. With this much star power,
its no wonder critics are calling this the hottest adult movie of 2009! 5 scenes. 110 minutes.
Both Bree and Shyla perform scorching anal scenes and Sasha, Alexis and Jenna give award winning
performances as well!


    * Alexis Texas
    * Bree Olson               [Anal]
    * Jenna Haze
    * Sasha Grey
    * Shyla Stylez             [Anal]

Scene Breakdowns

    * Scene 1. Bree Olson, Johnny Sins
    * Scene 2. Mr. Pete, Sasha Grey
    * Scene 3. James Deen, Jenna Haze
    * Scene 4. Bree Olson, Scott Nails, Shyla Stylez
    * Scene 5. Alexis Texas, Danny Mountain

Category:        Anal, Big tits
Studio:          Adam & Eve
Released:        05/2009
Language:        English
Format:          NTSC.DVD9


Good day fellow porn fans time to have a look see at the Bree Olson flick The Five which also stars
other big names girls-- try Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Shyla Stylez, & Alexis Texas. So you want
star power this baby's got it so now what will the scenes have. As the opening credits roll you see
the girls, get their names plus the male talent they're paired up with so we have Danny Mountain,
Scott Nails, Johnny Sins, Mr. Pete and James Deen so that means strong hard cocks for the ladies!!
So without further delay let's hit some highlights.

Bree Olson:

We get right to the leading lady here with Bree opening up and she does a sexy little strip tease,
not wasting to much time removing the top and panties leading to a great open leg shot where she
plays with herself. Bree's good too flashing that sinful smile that reels you in, she's already got
the sinfully hot body which does a lot on its own but you add in Bree's nasty side and we've got a
superb porn package ready for unwrapping! You get a few different looks from Bree here but they all
work to harden your cock or make your pussy even wetter if you're of the female persuasion and
happen to be watching-- and if you are awesome!! Bree had an audience watching in Johnny Sins so she
slides over and the two are cozy real quick with Bree getting his cock out to suck on. There's a
little pussy fingering too from Johnny as Bree's taking care of bidness so her coochie's soon to be
ready. During the sex you'll want to listen to Bree's sexy noises, you can tell when she's close to
climaxing or when Johnny slows it down her breaths become quick. We do get some anal sex with Miss
Olson this time out, doggie is the only position but it's better than none. Bree ends up rubbing the
jizz in and we're off to a good start.

Sasha Grey:

We open the next scene with the lovely Miss Grey walking into the kitchen-- the color scheme is also
greyish in tone. The outfit is skimpy on Sasha but fitting her so well-- that amazing ass which I
just can't get enough of is immediately on display. There was a good ground shot too worked in and
the music playing was very good in setting the vibe for the scene, some great close in shots too as
Sasha traces over that pretty frame of hers. Anytime they worked in her ass, though, I really got
excited! I'd also say her face was great to look at too, something about her face that also
intrigues me, one of the best in porn today. Sasha's been around now for awhile so the tease isn't
fast, you get to enjoy as she reveals all the treasures we're about to see plundered. Mr. Pete joins
seemlessly and like an animal Sasha pounces on his cock, almost ripping it out and engulfing it.
Oral is definitely one of Miss Grey's better skillz, close in views only further this assessment for
me. Pete gets in some good powerfucking too, gripping the hair as he thrusts in/ out. Sexwise the
intensity stays strong, standing doggie-- she's also letting the potty mouth go too! After P2M we
get Sasha placed on the countertop and there's more power fucking this time in mish but then it's
time for cowgirl and I was quite pleased when the shot got in close on that ass, Sasha is sure to
let Pete and Us know how he's doing. In mid scene you have Pete going down to sample that pussy with
his tongue, taste your lady!! Back for the finale, mish for a few strokes and then a pop on the
lower belly, Sasha gets a few fingers in to lick, she needs a taste too.

Jenna Haze:

This one opens with our girl walking down the stairs and we get some colorless shots of Jenna along
with some color ones spliced in-- you can't help but see her ass when it takes center stage-- a
perfect piece of booty if you ask me. The color then comes in nice and clear, you see the ruby red
lingerie fitting that sexy fame tightly. Jenna's a pro's pro with tease so we get it all here, great
ass shots, lots of fine eye contact and the whole body is used to scream out fuck me without
actually saying a word. James Deen is the lucky fella here who has Jenna walk up to him and continue
the fine tease. James is dressed casually. Miss Haze does some great grinding over his bottom
region-- sure to make that cock hard. Jenna works her perky tits out for a few kisses from James who
then stands up with his cock practically falling out into Jenna's waiting hands/ mouth! Like Sasha
before her Jenna is known for being an expert sword swallower and shows you why here with aggressive
head, eye contact and dirty talk all fused together. James then gets a few licks in, making sure
that pussy/ ass is ready-- he does such a good job she's gonna cum without having a dick in her--
now that's talent James! The sex was solid enough but I missed seeing cowgirl and for me that's a
must for any Jenna Haze scene-- they got doggie in and there was spoon too with Jenna's ass turned
facing us but cowgirl was definitely missed here. Good mish finish leads to James blasting up her
lower belly. What is it the girls didn't want facial pops today, lol.

Bree & Shyla Stylez:

This one opens up with some quality time observing Shyla's sexy frame. You want to talk about pure
sin, this woman does it for me in every way. The eyes, big tits, great ass and she's down for
everything from anal to dp to girls, swallowing. We also get some shots of Bree worked in too,
awesome seeing these two paired up and you get good shots as they each lose the clothes showing off
those fantabulous bods. Scott Nails is here too and enters as Bree's putting on her show. He's right
there with some boob kissing as well as getting a taste for her pussy. Shyla thne joins in, all nude
save for the black lace stockings and heels. Shyla becomes the center as she and Bree get in some
good g/g feeling time with Scott on the outside observing these hotties taste/ fondle each other. A
good pussy train then develops with Shyla munching Bree and Scott behind Shyla face buried in her
ass!! I'd say by the loud screams Shyla was doing something right. The girls get in some good shared
cock sucking too, Bree is giving dirty talk too when her mouth's not full. Great way to open the sex
with the girls in a 69 Scott banging Shyla doggiestyle with Bree doing P2OGM and licking some pussy.
The 69 stops with Bree then getting the doggie blasting and Shyla then gets to taste her friends
pussy juices off Scott's cock. Shyla riding in reverse is always hot, titties bouncing. The ladies
then change it out with Bree going to cowgirl for her ride but they also hit reverse so her titties
get to bounce for us as well. Miss Stylez then opens up her ass for the remainder of the scene,
spoon and doggie anal are worked in-- climax from Scott lands on her ass with Bree doing a great job
licking it up and then sharing with Shyla. Loved the pairing and hope to see them do it again, just
the two of them this time.

Alexis Texas:

We close out with one of the best Big Asses in the biz. The elevator opens and out comes Alexis,
shaking those curves and there's some great ass footage right from the start-- I think Alexis has
had a lot of practice now showing off her rump shaker and it shows here. The rest of Alexis ain't
half bad either if you don't mind me sayin so those shots were nice too. They use less light at the
start, the shadows were on purpose I think and they fit the vibe at the time. When the lights get
brighter than too seemed right. The elevator opens up again, this time Danny Mountain comes out and
the first thing he sees is Alexis on her knees, ass facing him so he dips down to finger that pretty
pussy with Alexis shaking that ass to help out! We get some great ground ass shots as they work into
Miss Texas sucking his cock, she's also shaking that ass here too which should make you happy. They
waste no time in the sex opening in cowgirl and if you love her ass you'll enjoy the close in shots
of that bottom. Alexis works in some dirty talk too as they also hit reverse, standing doggie and
finally mish. The pop here is let loose on her bush, the jizz glistening in the hair. Alexis rubs
the fingers in it and licks as we fade out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok this was pretty straight forward from start to finish. Some tease followed by the sex and finally
the pops. Standard enough but the visuals are the key and in that respect the girls did quite well
and kudos to the guys too for showing these girls a good time! Now for extras you have a few to
check out. There are interviews with all the girls, short ones but hey we get a little chat time in.
You also get bloopers which in porn are quite often seen when shooting so enjoy that. You get some
BTS here too but this is short too at just over 10 minutes. There is a You Tube video too which
seemed more like a trailer for this movie so why not just call it The Five Trailer instead, lol. You
get a bonus scene too taken from Bree's first movie Sunshine Highway so yah more Bree! But we're not
done yet as they say on tv-- there's a whole separate disc included, at least it was with my copy
with more Bree scenes, it's called Everybody Loves Bree so hey more sex with this talented Indianan,
I say thanks and Bree Olson fans who don't already have these scenes are in luck. You get the talent
for each scene as well as the movie the scene's lifted from so that good info if you like the cast
and want the whole movie. This is an easy recommendation for Bree Olson fans who don't have a lot of
her work for Adam & Eve, you end up with 7-8 scenes with her along with fine efforts from Sasha,
Alexis, Jenna, & Shyla. An easy purchase for this title.

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