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BBC Radio Plays - Crime Dramas

12 BBC radio crime dramas.

ROPE (Patrick Hamilton, 1983, 80m)
Two students think they've committed the perfect murder. They then invite the victim's father and
other guests to a macabre dinner party. Stars Alan Rickman.

TO CATCH A THIEF (David Dodge, 2011, 60m)
Ex-jewel thief John Robie, quietly living in the south of France, battles to prove his innocence
after a series of huge jewel thefts begins.

This Edwardian murder story is based on real events. Frederick and Margaret Seddon take wealthy Miss
Barrow into their Islington home as a lodger. When she dies, leaving all her money to Fred,
suspicions are aroused. With Lynne Seymour and Annette Badland.

SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (Mark McShane, 2014, 60m)
An unstable medium convinces her husband to kidnap a child so she can help the police solve the
crime and receive credit for her abilities.

THE DISAPPEARANCE (Peter Whalley, 2010, 45m)
Alice moves into a converted victorian house and rents the top floor. The landlord lives below. Both
tenant and landlord are not who they say they are, and as each discovers the truth, it's clear one
of them is going to die.

THE LADY VANISHES (Ethel Lena White, 1999, 60m)
An English tourist travelling by train in Europe discovers that her travelling companion seems to
have disappeared from the train. Her fellow passengers deny ever having seen the elderly lady.

LEVERAGE (Simon Passmore, 2011, 60m)
A city banker is found dead in an opulent apartment. At the funeral, his former girlfriend Helen is
unexpectedly questioned about when she last saw him. Her discoveries put her in the firing line.

INTENT TO DECEIVE (Michael Robson, 1989, 90m)
When wealthy Eva Wilderspin is killed by a hit and run driver, her brother Gregory is under
suspicion. Not only does he deny being involved, he also denies that the body is that of his sister.

THE WOODEN OVERCOAT (Pamela Branch, 2007, 60m)
London, 1951. Benji Cann is a newly acquitted killer who finds refuge at the Asterisk club, but then
turns up dead. A comic murder mystery starring David Tennant.

THE LADYKILLERS (William Rose, 1996, 90m)
Adaptation of the 1955 Ealing comedy written by Wiliam Rose, about an elderly woman who outwits a
gang of crooks lodging in her house. Stars Donald Sinden, Gary Waldhorn, Stratford Johns.

THE MOONFLASK (Paul Sellar, 2014, 60m)
When a group of people meet on a back to work course they pool their various skills to steal a
priceless Ming vase from an auction house and return it to its rightful owner. But just who is
conning who?

PAYMENT DEFERRED (CS Forester, 2014, 60m)
William Marble, a bank clerk living in south London in 1926 with his wife Annie and their two
children, is desperately worried about money. An unexpected visit by a young relative with an
inheritance tempts William to commit a heinous crime