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A Song of Ice and Fire (Audio Books 1-5 - Complete)

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A Song of Ice and Fire - Complete books 1 to 5 (Audio Book Collection)

This contains all 5 books written by George R.R. Martin and read by Roy Doltrice (Except the last
book, which is read by John Lee). It was put together based on other files, but the file names and
ID3 tags have been corrected to ensure everything is in order.

MP3 format at 64KB, audio is perfectly fine for listening, but one might double the audio volume in
VLC or iTunes if listening on a laptop. This is the best torrent for anyone wanting the complete

Hours were spent rename all the filenames so that they are in perfect order. If you are downloading,
please seed to 100%.

1 - A Game of Thrones - Roy Doltrice
2 - A Clash Of Kings - Roy Doltrice
3 - A Storm of Swords - Roy Doltrice
4 - A Feast for Crows - Roy Doltrice
5 - A Dance with Dragons - John Lee (?)

It will take 8.3 days to listen to them all, enjoy.                                                
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