450+ Lightroom Presets and...

450+ Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions - [CrackzSoft]

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Give your photos a professional touch with this Ultimate Photographer’s Bundle from Photonify. Add
a wide variety of effects, styles and a real finishing touch to your work with this bundle of
Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions. Speed up your work, increase your productivity and save
some serious post-production time with these collections.

380 Lightroom Presets Bundled from 12 collections.
105 Photoshop Actions Bundled from 4 collections.
36 Bokeh Textures.
Variety of actions and preset light leaks, sun glare, monochrome, matte, duotone, cinematic and
Fully adjustable.
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Photoshop-Actions/ - Win and Mac Cracks.url177 B - Win and Mac Cracks.url177 B
Lightroom-Presets/ - Win and Mac Cracks.url177 B - Free Tutorials.url180 B - Quality File Sharing.url180 B
Lightroom-Presets/ - Free Tutorials.url180 B
Lightroom-Presets/ - Quality File Sharing.url180 B
Photoshop-Actions/ - Free Tutorials.url180 B
Photoshop-Actions/ - Quality File Sharing.url180 B
Lightroom-Presets/Sites you must Visit!.txt858 B
Photoshop-Actions/Sites you must Visit!.txt858 B
Sites you must Visit!.txt858 B
Lightroom-Presets/Lomo-Presets.zip302.72 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Portrait-Presets-v1.zip303.42 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Matte-Presets.zip303.95 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Duotone-Presets.zip304.46 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Photonify-CityNights-Presets.zip304.7 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Photonify-Pastel-Presets-Vol2.zip304.93 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/monochrome-presets.zip305.01 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Landscape-Presets-Vol2.zip305.79 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Cinematic-Presets.zip305.81 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Portrait-Presets-v2.zip306.99 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Photonify-Portrait-Presets-v3.zip307.35 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Landscape-Presets.zip308.25 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/HDR-Presets.zip308.62 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Food-Presets.zip308.86 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Vintage-Film-Presets.zip308.97 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Newborn-Presets.zip309.71 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Pastel-Presets.zip315.41 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Light-Leaks-Presets.zip320.85 KiB
Lightroom-Presets/Wedding-Presets.zip326.18 KiB
Photoshop-Actions/SkinGlow-Actions.zip1.27 MiB
Photoshop-Actions/Soft-Actions.zip1.33 MiB
Photoshop-Actions/Model-Actions.zip1.6 MiB
Photoshop-Actions/Bokeh-Actions.zip21.24 MiB