18K+ Paid and Free Fonts Li...

18K+ Paid and Free Fonts Library Worth Over 28K € [By Aero]

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Hi Guyz,

Here is 18K+ Fonts Library that include free and paid fonts worth over 28K Euros. Have Fun!!

Please do not install all these fonts in your system otherwise your system will slow down or simply
crash. Instead google and download "NexusFont" to manage these fonts.

Download Format:
All fonts are in Alphabetical order in their respective zip folders. That means all fonts starting
with letter "B" are in "B Fonts" folder. So you don't need to download the whole torrent if you are
looking for any specific font.

List of Fonts:
I have tried to list all the fonts here but "Something terrible happened" every time I tried to do
it. So I have listed all the fonts in text files in the download.

# Fonts List.txt3.31 KiB
# Fonts.zip3.52 MiB
A Fonts List.txt28.01 KiB
A Fonts.zip81.72 MiB
B Fonts List.txt32.04 KiB
B Fonts.zip74.52 MiB
C Fonts List.txt29.72 KiB
C Fonts.zip57.25 MiB
D Fonts List.txt16.47 KiB
D Fonts.zip23.75 MiB
E Fonts List.txt12.44 KiB
E Fonts.zip20.45 MiB
F Fonts List.txt17.22 KiB
F Fonts.zip32.11 MiB
G Fonts List.txt13.59 KiB
G Fonts.zip27.76 MiB
H Fonts List.txt23.6 KiB
H Fonts.zip27.97 MiB
I Fonts List.txt10.92 KiB
I Fonts.zip66.33 MiB
J Fonts List.txt5.88 KiB
J Fonts.zip10.19 MiB
K Fonts List.txt10.38 KiB
K Fonts.zip51.44 MiB
L Fonts List.txt16.22 KiB
L Fonts.zip28.76 MiB
M Fonts List.txt19.22 KiB
M Fonts.zip36.56 MiB
N Fonts List.txt12.56 KiB
N Fonts.zip19.15 MiB
O Fonts List.txt8.05 KiB
O Fonts.zip22.87 MiB
P Fonts List.txt43.67 KiB
P Fonts.zip110.43 MiB
Q Fonts List.txt4.95 KiB
Q Fonts.zip6.61 MiB
R Fonts List.txt10.83 KiB
R Fonts.zip18.82 MiB
S Fonts List.txt44.84 KiB
S Fonts.zip59.97 MiB
T Fonts List.txt20.65 KiB
T Fonts.zip39.25 MiB
U Fonts List.txt6.68 KiB
U Fonts.zip7.38 MiB
V Fonts List.txt9.54 KiB
V Fonts.zip18.05 MiB
W Fonts List.txt11.01 KiB
W Fonts.zip19.32 MiB
X Fonts List.txt2.2 KiB
X Fonts.zip3.76 MiB
Y Fonts List.txt2.31 KiB
Y Fonts.zip3.68 MiB
Z Fonts List.txt5.14 KiB
Z Fonts.zip7.01 MiB