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Wii NTSC-U Complete Virtual Console Collection

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All 427 North American Wii Virtual Console games. Note that these are ONLY the NTSC-U (North
American released) versions of the games.

The vast majority of these came from the NO-INTRO Nintendo Wii DLC Collection that was on BitGamer
and Gazelle Games. They are arranged according to their directory structure and use their naming
convention. I did notice that the collection had a few errors such as repeated files and
mis-categorized games. If you have previously downloaded the NO-INTRO set, you should be able to use
the USA VC files to join this torrent with a high completion percentage, saving you a lot of
downloading. All files have been torrentzipped.

- 94 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) titles
- 74 SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) titles
- 21 N64 (Nintendo 64) titles (plus an alternate version [rev3] of Star Fox 64)
- 16 SMS (Sega Master System) titles
- 75 SMD (Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive) titles
- 63 TG-16 (TurboGrafx-16 / TurboGrafx-CD / PC Engine) titles
- 54 Neo Geo titles
- 9 C64 (Commodore 64) titles
- 21 Arcade titles

Here is the Wikipedia entry on all the games