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The popular 2D Fighting Game Series “KOF” appears on the iPhone/iPod touch!
With beautiful visuals and high-resolution graphics, this game uses the Virtual Pad to bring you a
seamless and intuitive “KOF” experience. Furthermore, moves that require complex
commands can be easily pulled off with the Simple Specials Button or the various touch controls.
Not only the old fans, but newcomers to KOF and fighting game novices alike will be able to fully
and easily enjoy this new “KOF” experience!


* 4 different single player modes!
Fight 3 on 3 in “Team Battle”, 1 on 1 in “Single Battle”, see how many
opponents you can beat with 1 character in “Endless”, or practice making combos using
the Virtual Pad in “Training”.

* Many extras like trading cards and artwork!
You can view all the extras you unlocked during the game in Gallery Mode. Fans will not want to miss
the many extras, including premium trading cards with hand-drawn illustrations, concept art,
illustrations and rough sketches of each character, Team Story Novels, and movies from

* Trade data & fight other players anytime, anywhere!
Use Bluetooth to connect to other terminals within the signal range. Get a bunch of friends together
to create your own impromptu arcade! Enjoy improved interaction between players by exchanging
trading cards and sending and receiving replay data!!

* The strongest warriors in history are here!
The 13 fighters, including protagonists Kyo Kusanagi, K’ and Ash Crimson are joined by Billy
Kane from “Fatal Fury”!

What's new in Version 1.01.00
“Iori Yagami”, “Mature”, “Vice”, “Elisabeth Branctorche",
“Shen Woo”, and “Duo Lon” join the original cast of 14 characters of
“THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i” for a total of 20 fighters available! These 6 new entries will
increase the number of possible teams, allowing you to create teams that suit your fighting style.
In addition to these additional characters, new trading cards and illustrations you can view at any
time in "Gallery" Mode have been added!

*Please note that you can not transfer your replay data when updating your “THE KING OF
FIGHTERS-i” application from version 1.0.0. to version 1.0.1. Thank you for your

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