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Fringe - Season 1 to 5 - Mp4 x264 AC3 1080p

  • Méret: 131.77 GB 
  • Seed: 10
  • Leech: 28
  • Kiadás éve: 2008–2013
  • Játékidő: 46 perc
  • Stílus: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Rendező: N/A
  • Szereplők: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole, John Noble
  • IMDB értékelés: 8.4
Fringe - Season 1 to 5 - Mp4 1080p

Source: BluRay

Codec Info
Video Codec: AVC Mp4 x264 [email protected]
Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Video Bit Rate: 3778 kbps (2 pass)

Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bit Rate: 384 kbps
Sampling Rate: 48 kHz
Channels: 5.1 (surround)

This is Season 1 to 5 complete.
There are English subtitles encoded into the Mp4s.
They aren't hard-coded so they can be turned on/off.

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Season 1/Fringe S01E01.mp42.38 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E02.mp41.48 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E03.mp41.47 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E04.mp41.43 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E05.mp41.44 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E06.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E07.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E08.mp41.43 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E09.mp41.45 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E10.mp41.45 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E11.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E12.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E13.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E14.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E15.mp41.45 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E16.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E17.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E18.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E19.mp41.46 GiB
Season 1/Fringe S01E20.mp41.38 GiB
Season 1/Read Me.txt797 B
Season 2/Fringe S02E01.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E02.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E03.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E04.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E05.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E06.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E07.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E08.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E09.mp41.27 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E10.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E11.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E12.mp41.27 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E13.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E14.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E15.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E16.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E17.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E18.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E19.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E20.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E21.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E22.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Fringe S02E23.mp41.28 GiB
Season 2/Read Me.txt911 B
Season 3/Fringe S03E01.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E02.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E03.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E04.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E05.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E06.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E07.mp41.27 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E08.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E09.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E10.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E11.mp41.26 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E12.mp41.27 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E13.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E14.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E15.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E16.mp41.27 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E17.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E18.mp41.26 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E19.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E20.mp41.25 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E21.mp41.26 GiB
Season 3/Fringe S03E22.mp41.28 GiB
Season 3/Read Me.txt887 B
Season 4/Fringe S04E01.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E02.mp41.25 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E03.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E04.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E05.mp41.25 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E06.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E07.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E08.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E09.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E10.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E11.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E12.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E13.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E14.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E15.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E16.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E17.mp41.28 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E18.mp41.26 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E19.mp41.27 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E20.mp41.26 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E21.mp41.25 GiB
Season 4/Fringe S04E22.mp41.26 GiB
Season 4/Read Me.txt993 B
Season 5/Fringe S05E01.mp41.27 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E02.mp41.24 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E03.mp41.22 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E04.mp41.28 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E05.mp41.28 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E06.mp41.26 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E07.mp41.26 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E08.mp41.28 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E09.mp41.26 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E10.mp41.28 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E11.mp41.27 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E12.mp41.26 GiB
Season 5/Fringe S05E13.mp41.28 GiB
Season 5/Read Me.txt557 B