Cylum's Game Boy (Color) RO...

Cylum's Game Boy (Color) ROM Set (2014)

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This torrent contains the following folders:

- Game Boy

- Game Boy Color

Both of them having the following sub-folders:

- [Europe]: Games exclusive to Europe.

- [Japan]: Some of the better Japan only games. Does not include games that are in the
'Translations' folder.

- [Prototypes]: Prototypes/Betas for unreleased games from all regions.

- [ROM Hacks]: Some of the better ROM hacks available.

- [Translations]: English translations for Europe/Japan only games.

- [Unlicensed]: Unlicensed games that were released on cartridges.

- Game Titles - #-Z: Complete USA ROM set.

Additional files:

- VisualBoyAdvanceM1229: Emulator
- gbc_bios: BIOS file for GBC support. Place in emulator's root folder. Most emulators don't need
this, but I included it anyway.

All of the titles were renamed to their official title name that's on the box art. Removed all of
the GoodTools/NoIntro, etc. tags (can be easily restored using a rom mananger and specific data
files). All roms have been tested to make sure they're working/clean dumps. All the games are
archived in their own individual zip folders.

This is an update to my previously uploaded "Complete Game Boy Rom Set (NA/EU) + More" &
"Complete Game Boy Color Rom Set (NA/EU) + More" torrents.                                                
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