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MastermindTTA\'s Spring eBook Bundle 2013

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Title: MastermindTTA's Spring eBook Bundle 2013

By: Tashfin (MastermindTTA, tta64)

Personal Message:

To everybody who believes in the power of sharing,

Thank you so much for all the support and a successful start to the year of 2013! So many books have been uploaded, so many
cracks made, and so many torrents reloaded! A site has gone through major changes, then it was killed and out of the ashes
rose a more prestine and beautiful website. "tta64" on The Pirate Bay is now V.I.P. level, and on Kick Ass Torrents is now
VUL (Verified Uploader) status. 
"MastermindTTA" had really gotten far. And it all started as a dream. It first started as an idea. Think of it first made
as a paper mask, weak, but full of potential. And slowly this mask has become so attached to me, it's my alternate skin
and it's solidified so much it could be of steel. If this metaphor means anything, it's that you guys are what makes my
screen name MastermindTTA a proud title I can carry around; no matter how foolish it sounds.

Thank you all.

Spring <---

Format: Archive (.rar), eBook (.epub)

This bundle contains over 60 series and books (released as torrents). That's a value of over 200 books!

eBooks within this bundle:
A New World Series
Blood Singer Series
Bloodhound Files Series
Bloodlines Series
CHERUB: Aramov Series Books 1 & 2
CHERUB: Henderson's Boys Series Books 1 & 2
Child of the Ghosts
Chronicles of Nick
Cirque Du Freak Series
Corean Chronicles
Crank Trilogy
Dark Swan Saga
Delirium Stories
Delirium Trilogy
Demonata Series
Department Nineteen Series Books 1 & 2
Dragonback Series
Elven Exiles Trilogy
Elven Nations Trilogy
Epic Fail by Claire Lazebnik
Farseer Trilogy
G.O.D. Inc. Trilogy
Gone Series
Holes by Louis Sachar
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
If You Stay by Courtney Cole
Imager Portfolio Series
Intervention by Julian May
It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizinni
Kowalski Family Series
Legends of Muirwood Trilogy
Liveship Traders Trilogy
Maze Runner Trilogy and Prequel
Mercy Thompson Series
Morningstar Strain Trilogy
Mortal Instruments Series
Mythos Academy Series
Paths of Darkness Series
Peeps Duology
Post-Human Trilogy
Rain Wild Chronicles Books 1-3
Razorland Series Books 1 & 2
Saga of Recluce
Sellswords Trilogy
Sinners on Tour Series
Soldier Son Trilogy
Stardoc Series
Tawny Man Trilogy
The Forest of Hands and Teeth Trilogy and Prequel
The Galactic Milieu Triloy
The Gap Cyce Series
The Giver Quartet
The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card
The Pliocene Exile Saga
The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
Under the Never Sky Series Books 1, 2 and Prequel
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
Wheel of Time Series
Zom-B Series Books 1 & 2

Share the ones you like, delete the ones you don't, but keep reading!

Thank you for downloading this, view the readme for the website link and please seed!

MastermindTTA ~ Thanks for the support