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Incredimail 2 Premium Plus Multi language 6.28 Build 4953 Donker

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In Fully Nederlands / Dutch , English, Svenska / Swedish and all other languages where Incredimail is made in.

The NL / Dutch and English Package is included.

Donkerinternet 2011

Your Virusscan maybe sees it as an Virus (Like my AVG) BUT IT ISN'T JUST TURN IT OFF FOR

Install Note:
Install Incredimail with the packages included. If you want it in another language than NL or ENG than unrar the AIO Incredimail
Plus v.3
Open it and click English. 
Than Click on Download Last Incredimail and Choose the Language you want and install it!!.

1) Install Incredimail in NL or ENG From packages here or From the above expanation
2) Unrar AIO Incredimail Plus v.3 (it may apear like a virus just disable your anti virus for a minute and ignore it)

3) Now open the AIO Click ENglish
4) Click Patch Incredimail wait a second and then it opens incredimail with PLUS!!
5) Click Install Plus Licenses
6) Last But not least Install JunkFilterPlus from the package

Bonus: You can install the stuff from the AIO by clicking Install Accessories and install your needs

Donkerinternet 2011 thx to CHECHU for the Patch!

Better, Smarter, Easier
*New & Improved Design
IncrediMail 2 introduces a better, more attractive and user-friendly design. 
We made the main application windows easier to use by enlarging the buttons, 
and reorganized the menus so that more relevant options are easily accessible. 
Mail folders can now be customized to your color of choice. 
The email list window and preview pane now feature a new design that makes 
browsing through your email easier and more productive. Plus, 
for your convenience, a direct button to the Gallery was added to the main taskbar.

IncrediMail 2 introduces FastSearch. Searching through your email is now faster 
and more powerful than ever before. Search results are shown as quickly 
as you type - It takes less than a second for IncrediMail 2 to search 
through 10,000’s of emails. Also, the terms you are searching for are 
conveniently highlighted. Advanced search has been upgraded with snappier performance, 
and is now a more powerful tool than before. FastSearch also includes “Search Filters”, 
a new tool allowing you to filter emails and attachments including Images, Videos, 
Word documents, Power Point documents, and many more file types.

*Address Book and Contact Handling
The new Address Book is one of the most powerful features now available with IncrediMail 2. 
The IncrediMail 2 Address Book lets you create contact groups in new convenient ways, 
lets you see who your most popular contacts are, allows you to assign a picture for 
each of your contacts, and also allows you to assign a special picture to each group. 
The new Address Book is so smart, that it can even recommend contacts and groups 
according to your usage patterns.

Tired of clicking on each email to find out what attachments it contains? 
A preview of the attachments may be seen by rolling over the attachment icons in the email 
list window. In addition, the email preview pane includes a designated area for attachment 
previews, providing a quick glance of the attachment file type you received, 
may it be a photo, video, Word document, or any other file. Plus, an attachment can be quickly 
saved to the desktop at a click of a button, directly from the attachment preview pane.

Fun 2.0
*Personal Display Pictures
The new Display Picture feature lets you assign a personal picture to your email contacts. 
You can select from 100’s of ready-made pictures or select any picture from your computer. 
You can also assign your own personal Display Picture to be displayed in your outgoing emails, 
making your sent messages personal and fun. Coming soon – IncrediMail 2 
will allow you to connect to your favorite social networks, and download pictures 
to be used as Display Pictures for your contacts and email messages.

*Animations & Effects
Basic email functions such as deleting emails, adding a new contact, text editing and more, 
are now enhanced with animated effects that make everyday email functions fun and exciting. 
Animations are optional and can be turned off if you wish.

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